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Amplend's Case Studıes

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Here, you’ll find real-life success stories of our clients who have leveraged our loan products to achieve their investment goals.

We’re proud of the role we’ve played in helping these individuals and businesses grow and succeed, and we hope these stories will inspire and motivate you to pursue your own real estate investment goals.

Our flexible loan terms, quick application process, and market-leading interest rates make it easy for you to take advantage of investment opportunities and generate passive income.

So, whether you’re looking to fix and flip, buy and rehab, or rent out a property, Amplend has the financing solutions you need to succeed!

Case Studies
Success Storıes

Amplend's Happy Client Stories

At Amplend, we understand that every investment is unique, and we work closely with our clients. So they turn their investments into profits and become success stories

Case Study 1

Sarah and David's Case Study

Client:  Richard O. – RFG Pro

Property Location:  Norwood, PA

Property Description:  Single Family Residence

Purchase Price of the Property:  $61,000

Cost to Rehab Property:  $44,500

Amount of the Loan:  $105,500

Original Appraisal Value of Property:  $65,000

Appraisal Value of Property After Rehab:  $176,000

Sale Price:  $175,000 – Net Profit:  $30,000

Case Study 2

John's Case Study

Case Study 3

Karen's Case Study

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We don’t settle for just your real estate lender. But rather, we pledge to serve as a trustworthy part of your cohesive team so you can solely focus on your project with peace of mind about financing. We will stand by you every step of the way to help you achieve your investment goals.

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Fix and Flip Loan

Fix and Flip Loan​

12- to 24-month interest-only loans aimed at bringing distressed properties to life

Rental Loans

Rental Loan

Term loans, commonly known as the “DSCR (debt service coverage ratio) loans” based on rental property cash flow.

New Construction Loans

New Construction Loan

Loans for experienced builders devising teardown, infill, specs, or subdivision projects, etc.