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Refer a Friend and Get the Rewards with Amplend

Do you have friends or colleagues who are looking to invest in real estate? Why not refer them to Amplend and earn while you help them? 

If you’ve had a positive experience working with us, why not share the love and earn rewards at the same time? Amplend’s referral program gives you the chance to earn a 0.25% of the total loan amount for every friend who closes their first transaction with us. 

Hear From Our Clients

Client Experiences With Amplend

"I've never been more impressed with a lending company. Amplend made my real estate investment journey a breeze! Their quick and easy loan application process allowed me to secure the funding I needed to flip my first property, and the support from their team was invaluable."
Samuel Rokardant
Real Estate Investor
"As a seasoned real estate investor, I've worked with several lending companies in the past, but Amplend stands out from the rest. Their competitive rates, flexible terms, and tailored loans made it easy for me to finance my latest construction project. Thanks a lot."
Jim Bergling
Real Estate Developer
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Earn Referral Process With Amplend

Start spreading the love and reap the rewards today! Join Amplend’s referral program and get your friends the financing they need to succeed. At the time of loan application, your friend can simply enter your name and email address and we will take care of the rest!

Not only will you be able to help your friends access the financing they need for their real estate investment, but you’ll also be eligible for a preferential interest rate on your next loan with Amplend. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!


Talk to friends

Spread the word out and let your friends know our loan programs

They will fill out the form

After they know the benefits of our loans, they'll fill out the application form

Referral details

Your friends easily fill the necessery field with your email and phone number

Closing and Reward

Once the loan closes, you will get rewarded as a token of appreciation

Our services

Our Loan Programs

Fix and Flip Loan

Fix and Flip Loan​

12- to 24-month interest-only loans aimed at bringing distressed properties to life

Rental Loans

Rental Loan

Term loans, commonly known as the “DSCR (debt service coverage ratio) loans” based on rental property cash flow.

New Construction Loans

New Construction Loan

Loans for experienced builders devising teardown, infill, specs, or subdivision projects, etc.