6 Innovative Ways to Increase Your Rental Property’s Income in 2024

Innovative Ways to Increase Your Rental Property's Income

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As we look towards 2024, it’s clear that the rental market is always changing. For landlords, this means finding new and smart ways to make your rental property stand out and bring in more income. It’s not just about having a nice place to rent anymore; it’s about being creative and understanding what renters really want.

In this post, we’re going to explore six fresh and innovative ideas that can help you do just that. These aren’t your usual tips; they’re about thinking outside the box and using new strategies to make your property more appealing and profitable.

Whether you’re a seasoned landlord or new to the game, these ideas can help you stay ahead in the competitive world of rentals and see a real boost in your income in 2024. Let’s dive in and discover how you can turn your rental property into a real income earner.

6 Innovative Ways to Increase Your Rental Property’s Income

It’s all about being smart with your rental property to make more money. So, we’ve got six cool ideas that are all about thinking differently and keeping up with what renters want. From making spaces where people can live together and share to offering short stays like a hotel, these tips are about getting creative. These ideas aren’t just about making your property look good; they’re about making it a place where people really want to live and are happy to pay a bit more for it.

1- Incorporate Co-Living Spaces

Co-living is a big trend right now, especially among younger renters and students. It’s all about sharing common areas like kitchens and living rooms while having private bedrooms. This setup can be really appealing because it’s social and often more affordable.

Think about how you can change your rental property to fit this style. Maybe you can turn a large living area into a shared space with comfy sofas and a TV, or set up a big kitchen table where everyone can eat together.

The cool thing about co-living spaces is that they can attract more people. Instead of renting to just one person or family, you can rent to several individuals who share the space. This can mean more rent coming in for you.

Plus, people like these shared spaces because they can make new friends and don’t feel alone. To make it work, you’ll need to think about things like having enough bathrooms and making sure each bedroom is a nice private space. If you get it right, co-living can make your property really popular and bring in more money.

2- Utilize Rooftop or Garden Spaces

If you’ve got some extra space outside, like a rooftop or a garden, you can turn it into something really special for your tenants. Imagine having a nice garden where people can relax, grow their own veggies, or just enjoy being outdoors.

Or think about a rooftop where tenants can hang out, maybe have a barbecue, or watch movies under the stars. These kinds of spaces are really popular because they give people a place to have fun and relax without having to leave home.

Making these areas nice doesn’t have to be super expensive. For a garden, you could add some simple benches, a few flower beds, or even start a small community garden. For a rooftop, some comfy chairs, a few tables, and maybe some string lights can make a big difference.

These outdoor spots can make your property stand out and be more attractive to renters, which means you might even be able to charge a bit more for the extra cool space they get to enjoy.

3- Create Pet-Friendly Environments

This is a need in the real estate market. Making your rental property pet-friendly is a great way to attract more tenants. Lots of people have pets and they’re always looking for places where their furry friends are welcome.

By allowing pets, you open up your property to a bigger group of potential renters. It’s not just about saying ‘pets allowed’ though. You can do a few simple things to make your place really pet-friendly.

For example, you could put in some durable flooring that’s easy to clean and won’t get scratched up by pet nails. If you have outdoor space, think about adding a small fenced area where pets can play safely. You could even offer things like built-in pet beds or feeding stations.

These small touches show that you really care about your tenants and their pets. Plus, pet owners are often willing to pay a little extra for these features, which means more income for you.

4- Offer Short-Term Rental Options

Another way to increase your rental property’s income is by offering short-term rental options to your tenants. Think about offering parts of your property for short-term rentals, like a mini-hotel.

This can be a great way to make extra money, especially if your property is in a place where lots of people visit, like near tourist spots or big cities. Short-term rentals are popular with travelers, business people, or anyone who needs a place to stay for just a few days or weeks.

You can use websites like Airbnb or VRBO to list your space. This way, people from all over can find your rental easily. The cool part is that you can often charge more per night for short-term stays than you would for a long-term rental. Plus, you can choose when to rent it out, so you have flexibility.

To make your short-term rental really appealing, you can furnish it nicely and make sure it has things like Wi-Fi and a comfy bed. Remember, people looking for short-term rentals want a place that feels like a cozy home, even if it’s just for a few nights. By offering this option, you can tap into a whole new group of renters and boost your income.

5- Creating Work-from-Home Amenities

Nowadays, lots of people work from home, and they’re always looking for places that make it easy to do their job. You can make your rental property really attractive to these folks by setting up some work-from-home-friendly spaces.

This doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as creating a small office area or a quiet corner with a desk and a comfy chair. Good lighting and a few shelves or cabinets for storing work stuff can also be a big help.

Another good idea is to make sure your internet is fast and reliable. People working from home need good internet to do their jobs. You could even think about adding extras like a printer or a coffee machine to make the work-from-home experience even better.

When you add these kinds of amenities, your rental property becomes super appealing to people who need a good place to work. This can set your property apart from others and might even let you charge a bit more in rent. Plus, tenants who work from home tend to stay in one place longer, which means less hassle for you to find new renters.

6- Offer Subscription-Based Amenities:

Here’s a cool idea: think about adding special features to your rental property that tenants can choose to pay extra for if they want. These are called subscription-based amenities. It’s like when you pay a little more for extra channels on your TV or a gym membership. For your rental, this could be things like a premium cable package, a weekly cleaning service, or maybe a meal delivery plan.

The great thing about this is that it lets your tenants pick what they want. Maybe one tenant loves watching lots of TV shows and movies, so they’d be happy to pay a bit more for a bigger cable package. Another tenant might not have time to clean, so they’d love a cleaning service. By offering these options, you’re making your rental more flexible and attractive to different kinds of people.

You don’t have to go overboard. Start with just one or two subscription services and see how your tenants like them. If they’re popular, you can always add more. This way, you can make more money from your rental property, and your tenants get to enjoy some cool extra services.


To wrap it up, making more money from your rental property can be pretty straightforward. Just keep your place looking nice and think about small updates that could make a big difference. Being friendly to pets can also attract more renters. And don’t forget, being a good landlord who listens and responds quickly can help keep your tenants happy and staying longer.

It’s also smart to check out what other rentals are charging now and then to make sure your price is right. If you’re thinking about making some upgrades and need a bit of help with the costs, remember that Amplend offers Rental Loans.

They can give you the boost you need to make those improvements and attract more tenants. So, with a few smart moves and maybe a little help from Amplend, you can see your rental income grow. It’s all about making your property the best it can be for you and your renters.

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